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What the Mitsubishi’s “Diamond Dealer” Status Means for You

Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in split-ductless heating and air conditioning technology. Their “Diamond Dealer” status is reserved for dealers who have been factory trained on the proper installation and service of Mitsubishi equipment, and Del-Air is proud to be one of the select few Diamond Dealers in Central Florida. We are proud to offer Mitsubishi products, known for their quiet performance and energy efficient operation.

Is the Mini-Split Solution Right for Your Home?

Sometimes there are areas in your home you would like to heat but find that they were designed without ductwork or registers. In areas like this, we suggest using a mini-split system that places a self-contained air handler in the room to provide the heating. Mini-split systems are energy efficient and excellent for sunrooms or homes with hydronic heating. They are also available as heat pumps, which can provide both heating and cooling.


Technology-Driven Heating and Cooling Solutions

All heat pumps and select straight-cool outdoor units employ Mitsubishi’s INVERTER-driven compressor technology (Variable Frequency Drive) to provide exceptional, high-speed cooling and heating performance. Thanks to variable rotation speeds, desired temperatures are promptly reached, and unlike conventional systems, INVERTER units detect subtle changes in temperature and adjust the compressor speed automatically. The system adjusts itself to the level needed to maintain a consistently comfortable indoor environment. INVERTER technology delivers only the energy needed to satisfy the cooling and heating load of a room, thereby reducing energy consumption.


Mitsubishi Models, Warranties, and More

Mr. Slim models offer a comprehensive remote controller that controls temperature and fan speeds. It also has a 12-hour on/off timer, giving you one-button control of your personal comfort.

Mitsubishi models are available up to four toncapacities and can be grouped together to provide additional capacity withmultiple configurations. Their products have a two-year parts warranty and a six-year compressor guarantee. Find out more by downloading these brochures:

Mr. Slim Mini-Split Brochure – PDF

Mr. Slim 2011/2012 Product Brochure – PDF

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